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is there a talk way
im here
is this still alive
Oh my god this site is still around :sick:
Alright, you?
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First off Id like to Welcome you to the Site. For those of you who wish to chat, there is the chatbox on the left hand side of the screen and also a chat page if you click the tab on the navigation bar labbled "Chat Room". You may have noticed that you can not post on the forums. This is not an error and is meant to be like this. Simply click the "I want Access"  tab on the navigation bar. Fill out the form and send it in. This measure was put here to keep unwanted spam off of our forums.
  If you wish to come on to our ts and chat its located at Or simply click the TS icon on the bottom of the page. Thank you and please enjoy the website  and all its features.
Please forgive me about the website not being complete yet. I am currently working as fast as I can to finish it.
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